Twitter Marketing as a Link Building Strategy

How to Build a Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy: A Marketer's Guide |  Socialbakers

All Link Building professionals’ requirements are not the same. Depending on the industry, product, time and idea they are promoting, their goals and objectives do differ significantly. It is not only the difference between the categories of businesses, products or services, it is even different between people in the same industry or category of business. Some Link Building professionals want to have a requirement for getting quick or real-time responses. Some digital marketing professionals engaged in Link Building activities want to let their brand be known to quality audiences. Some want constant interactions so that their brands are kept alive in front of their Target Audiences (TG). Some digital marketers use multiple platforms to get immediate sales and business conversions for their brands by getting their potential customers click through their links to their E-Commerce store resulting in immediate sales. Some campaigners engaged in promoting political content want their message to reach millions of users in no time. Such political campaigners involved in political Link Building activities want their news to be distributed to tons of internet viewers and users in any real time expecting immediate responses to create an impact or a dent of sorts in the political space through their online news or content distribution. Likewise, every Link Building professional has a different set of reasons for their activities and has his own preference of sorts like the choice of platforms, extent of reach and effect of their content, brand or news distribution. 

Different types of platforms perform differently and give different types of results. Twitter plays a key role in Link Building with its efficacy to distribute content and create buzz around the world in real time . SEO Packages from PerfectLinkbuilding USA. With Twitter, you will be able to reach broad audiences, follower audiences, niche audiences and new audiences in specific categories, regions, countries, topics, etc. Let us know more about Twitter Marketing for your Link Building process and see how Twitter can really contribute to achieve your overall Link Building goals. To see more on Link Building and get the best seo packages, USA, click with us.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging platform to send streams of content in short forms to the world. Twitter is more understood as a quick platform for getting instant reach and results. Almost every day, Twitter is keenly watched and followed for happening, live and sensational trends and posts. Twitter is used by almost all and sundry irrespective of their background. knowledge. skill sets, origin and intentions. Businesses use Twitter for their marketing and promotional purposes. There are people in each sphere of activity whether profit or not-for-profit who promote their messages, concepts, ideas, ideologies and thoughts to the general public and followers through Twitter very effectively day in and day out. There are many without having a brand or concept use Twitter to garner support for their cause or to communicate, express or explain their stand. Commoners and people of social authority use Twitter to air their concerns and fears, show their protest and raise awareness on or about a specific cause. In many such ways, Twitter is used as a powerful platform to make their voice loud and clear. So, Twitter is for everybody and everybody is using Twitter irrespective of their purposes and lifestyles such as to gain knowledge, express their opinions, build their brands or to sell products or services. Learn more on our Link Building services & packages here:

Types of Twitter Marketing

There are several things you can do with Twitter. Some of those activities are hereas under. 

  • Twitter Ads: Through which you can promote your ads and promotions to your Target Audience (TG) (TG) for a specific period.
  • Twitter Newsfeed: Through this, you can send out your short content or messages or Tweets of 280 characters with images, infographics, videos, links and hashtags to present or to promote your content. This way, you can publish your micro-blogging content to large/general/open audiences or specific audiences like Followers of certain topics and subjects.
  • Sponsored or Promoted Hashtags: Through which you can create you can buy UK create trending train at Trends using a paid hashtags and Re Chhotu audiences or create new splash in in in in in in quicktime or in a very short period of time Nik Vikas short period of time.

Reach Potential of Twitter Marketing

Twitter can be used for real-time reach as well as continuous promotion of your content for creating short-term or long-term country-wise by posting content and through ad campaigns. 

Depending on the needs of the Link Building professional, Twitter can be used in any way as reach is concerned. Twitter can be used for outreaching your brand content across geographical territories without boundaries and also limited audiences with specific demographics like gender, education, age groups, interests, etc. Using proper and strategic hashtags, you can reach new audiences with stunning posts and get their engagements and clicks on your posts and brand links. This way, you can nurture and create followers for your brand with long-term objectives and consistent, tailored and narrowed-down posts and effective targeting hashtags such as broad, popular, medium popular, branded, industry, niche, use specific, audience interested long tailed or short hashtags.

Relevance of Twitter Marketing in Link Building

With respect to Link Building, Twitter can be used effectively to drive traffic to your pages through URL links placed as part of your posts in your Twitter Feed, Promoted Tweets, or Twitter Ads.

You can get the Twitter  audience to your brand posts through hashtags, interest-invoking Callouts, event announcements, offers and schemes, or industry news, and prove your brand authority. You can even reach Target Audiences (TG) in a specific category and make them enter into your Marketing Funnel by letting them interact with your set of hashtags, URL links, download links and video links. This audience can be nurtured to become more qualified and matured into qualified leads towards buying your products and services, and you can achieve a high rate of conversion. 

Advantage Twitter Marketing

Twitter is potentially a very powerful media platform for quick range marketing outreach and short-term release of your marketing content to create a big impact and short term release of your marketing message and communication in a very big way. Moreover, Twitter can be used to reach different classifications of potential audiences based on interest, industry and proposed types of interactions. Twitter can be used to keep your audience always engaged with your brand and to make your brand constantly and consistently visible to your Target Audience (TG). 


Given your Link Building strategy to create a buzz or to nurture your audiences for a long-term, Twitter Marketing can be effectively used and applied for achieving either of these objectives. This requires a very good understanding of the use of Twitter and its various functions and features to be using them strategically, efficiently and effectively to achieve wonders for your Link Building process.