Portugal is a beautiful place to visit, that’s the reason why it continues getting all those traveling prizes. 

 1. Roam Algarve’s pristine beaches


Even though maybe you are not a big fan of surfing, but soaking your toes in the sand in while touring Portugal is a must.

Algarve, in south of Portugal, is the favorite destination for people love combing the beach or ride a wave. To further narrow down, you could get local insight and you will want to explore. One of the most recommended options by trip planners is Lagos, replete with white-washed cliffs.

 2. Alfama, Lisbon’s most famous district


Lisbon’s Alfama neighborhood is the place you should visit every corner, locals suggest.
You can cross the twisting streets of the place, which is the most significant districts, which is a really unknow gems.
Cross the twisting streets that make one of the city’s most significant districts, and you’re bound to reveal unknown gems. 

If you visit Portugal, make sure not to miss Alfama, it is so unique.

3. Portugal’s national dessert

Pasteis de Nata is Portugal’s national dessert and is a necessity for anyone with a sweet tooth. Made by egg yellows, this egg tart cake was fist made by Catholic Monks.

Pastéis de Nata can be found everywhere in the country at bakeries, locals reassure us that. 

4. Lisbon’s unbelievable aquarium 

Portugal’s relationship to the ocean goes deep, it is a maritime country. Lisbon is the host to the incredible Oceanário de Lisboa aquarium. It is a large container, with about two levels high, that showcases more than one hundred different sea species. 

It is named One Planet, One Ocean and its intention is to tell the visitors that even though there are many names for world waterways, there is just one global ocean. 

5. Take a day trip to Sintra

On your trip in Portugal you should find some time, and get the opportunity to explore the town of Sintra. It is a region where old wealthy families created their vacation houses and now these homes are museums. It would take you more than one day to visit them all. It is one hour by train from Lisbon. It is a expensive city so we suggest a one day trip.

6. City of Porto    

A trip to Portugal is nothing if you don’t spend a couple of days in Porto. This town has a bit for everybody. When you get there, tasting the local wine is a must.

7. Caves and Grottoes in the Algarve

This province in south of Portugal has a very beautiful coastline, rich with caves and caverns created by erosion from the waves of energetic Atlantic Ocean when hit the rocks.

Beaches like Ponta Da Piedade could be visited by boat, and are best approached by water. While exploring the beach, the caverns can also be observed. The tourist get to see the most extensive caves in Algarve Safaris and also explore the exciting coastline.

8. Nightlife: Party the Night Away

As the sun sets down in Portugal’s capita city, Lisbon, the city comes to life. Amid all the things you can visit in Lisbon, the best idea would be visiting many pubs and restaurant. 
Lisbon will never disappoint you, it has an extensive collection of options that include clubbing, dining, traveling etc.  Now, Lisbon is becoming the perfect stag do destination.

 9. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon

Belém is Portugal’s golden Age of Discovery. That brave sailors set sail in the 15th and 16th centuries from these beaches on long and dangerous voyages to go explore unknown waters and find new territories.

The monastery and church do represent the spirit of the age, and highlight some of the most excellent examples of Manueline architecture which can be found anywhere in Portugal.

10. Torre de Clérigos, Oporto

Torre de Clérigos is One of Oporto’s distinguishing monuments. Overlooking the old town and rising 75 meters of the streets, this monument tower was exuded a bold touch of the Baroque and built in the 18th century by Nicolau Nasoni. 

In 1763 the tower was completed and was the highest structure in Oporto.

If you want to reach the top you will have to climb 200 steps.