Is your website is ready for Google Image Search? – Know more about it!

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If you are a keen observer of your behavior, you might have noticed a slight change in your search behavior! Recently, you might be using Google Image Search to look for the perfect website! And this is not merely you but an ongoing global shift! Thousands of websites are getting visitors through Image Search! This is huge considering the digital competition. And this is why you need to know more about Blurn says, how you can capture the untouched area of the internet. This has the potential to easily turn a website’s pace of growth. So, what all do you need to do to try now, Blurn says, this Google feature and get more visitors daily?

According to the data provided by Google, Image Searches have grown by 60% over the last couple of years!

The chemistry of Google Images and SEO!

Google Image Search is recently becoming largely used way to look for things. And it comes most beneficial when we look for products or people. For example, there are times when we search for water bottles and open up Google Image. Then we scroll through all the images and click on the one that suits our mind. But why do we do this? Why don’t we open up a shopping website all the time and look for the product we are looking for?

The reasons for this could be many. It could just be the real world psychology that we do not want to limit ourselves to a single shopping destination. It could be the better search algorithm. Or it could be better speed in showing as many products as possible. Unlike Google Image, shopping websites cannot show hundreds of products in a small area.

Whatever the reason that people use Google Image to search for things, their number is growing. Novel gateways are opening up for websites from where to get more visitors. However, not all websites are taking the benefit of image search. Why? Because, not all websites are prepared to bring in customers through Google Image Search. Because, not all websites have optimized their content for Google Image Search. And this is why you need to know more about, Blurn says, how to optimize their content for Google Images!

Optimizing websites for Google Image Search and improving Image Search Rankings!

Now, it comes to how a website can optimize for Google Images and improve their search rankings. Furthermore, one must know that Google also shows images on the usual search page along with link and snippet content. Psychology has it that a website having an image associated with it has a higher chance of getting clicks than a website that has no image. So, how can you optimize your website and get better at Google Image Search Rankings? Know more about, Blurn says, all the required through this brief guide about SEO and Images.

Where businesses do Google IMage Search help most?

Although one must add images to the content irrespective of the field, there are certain websites that benefit most from it. Here are few examples when people use Google images most –

  • To search for products before buying them!
  • To look for designs and patterns!
  • In curiosity of knowing about certain things!
  • Celebrities in certain situations!
  • To look for images of certain places!

So, how do you optimize for Image SEO?

Tips to optimize images for Google Image Ranking!

The good thing about Images is that they attract us more than anything. They say it right that an image is worth thousand words, and it comes true here. So, one must never neglect the importance of using Images the right way and know more about, Blurn adds, how to improve an overall ranking.

Choosing the right image!

It all starts from getting right at what we show to the public. There are certain features that define if an image is brutal or beautiful. You’d not want to botch it at this step. Why? Because a wrong image can spoil it all even when you do every other thing right. A bad image might show up on Google image for some time but might fail to give you visitors. Here is how to choose an image that help in SEO –

  • Choose better quality images. Know that larger sizes are not good for SEO. There is no point showing a 20 mb image on a mobile device that can find a 1 mb image good. Compress your image to reduce its size.
  • Choose the right format for an image. If the image is a cover that has complex colors, it is better to go for JPEG. But, if the cover image has text or graphic content, then go for PNG.
  • The images must be relevant to the post. There is no point adding an image having a banana on a post about SEO.
  • The images must be attractive and be able to make people click on it.
  • Choose the colors and spaces and patterns and all the visual elements rightly.
  • If you are into eCommerce, make your images speak for your products. The product image must be attractive to lure people to buy.
  • The image dimensions must be right for the devices otherwise they might end up spoiling the User Experience.

Try now, Blurn says, all these steps and you’ll ensure that your images will attract people and get clicked.

Optimize the Image rightly!

Now it comes down to make your images readable by the search engine. Yes! Google or other search engines cannot see an image as we do. For them, it is pure data. This is the reason that you must optimize those images for SEO and make them crawlable and readable by the search engines. Here is how to do it –

  • Alt attributes for an image must be added. Alt stands for alternative. This comes helpful for those who cannot see the image. Or it also comes helpful when the image fails to load or to tell search engines what the image is about.
  • Give your images appropriate and relevant titles. This will help you in Image SEO.
  • Write relevant captions for the image that will appear below the image and help people know more about it. Usually, most people use image source at this place, but you can use other things.
  • Save images with the words that would describe your image. Know that it is different from the title. We are talking about the name of the image that we give when saving them.
  • If you have multiple images on the page, make sure you optimize all of them accordingly. The text optimization of those images must be relevant to the text that is around them.
  • Optimize the page Meta data accordingly to keep it all together. Google might show your images when people search for something related to metadata, and if the image is good, people might click on it.

These are all the simple steps that one can follow to ensure a high Google Image Search Ranking and thus get visitors from there. You may also go for an expert SEO agency that can help you in it. Blurn has been helping businesses multiply their revenue hundreds of times. Know More about Blurn and try now all the services that one can need to get a digital success.