Is your link building agency using links with all these crucial qualities?

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Imagine you live in a country where there are homes specialized in certain things. This country gets its visitors from the outer world. Let’s call these visitors Seeples. So a seeple visits your land to look for how many types of diamond rings are there in the universe and buy now few. There are few specialized homes in your country that hold expertise in diamonds, and there are few who fake their expertise. Now, how would you make sure that the seeple gets guided towards the home having expertise in diamonds? This similar scenario concerned the internet world — How to guide its visitors to the right websites. Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency, clears everything that could go wrong in this country seeing visitors, and similarly in the internet world.

The imaginary country and its traffic rules.

Everything in this world works according to some fundamentals. Sometimes these fundamentals are known beforehand; sometimes we come to know them a little later. So, as we saw above, a seeple visits your country to look for expertise in diamonds. How would your country decide that who is an expert in diamonds and who is a sheer sham? The best way possible is to seek information from those who have met those. It is down through networking. If we want to know about a person, we would try getting information from many the person has met or dealt with.

Similarly, the search engine giants try to know about the content and the websites through other websites. This is down through analyzing the link building. But there is a flaw in it, which people were exploiting to the core in the past.

Take the imaginary country again. The country had ways of knowing about the expertise of a house from those around. So people found out a trick to fool the country and those visitors too. They formed a vicinity and started speaking fresh and fair about each other before the country. This led the government into believing that those houses really are experts because those around are speaking fair. But they actually were not.

Similarly, search engines were trying to analyze a website through the links it was having with other websites. So people started making many ghost websites and started linking them with each other. It is called link farming. This had fooled Google into believing the expertise of those websites and thus recommending them in the SERP.

But then came this Penguin update in the year 2012. This changed, says Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency, its methods, and the methods of individuals trying to build links by themselves.

How is link building done today?

The Penguin update was an attempt to target those foul websites with foul links. It was rotting the internet world with that garbage and thus was pushing its visitors away in dread. So Google introduced many factors to evaluate the quality of those links. Here we put down many of those factors for a sense of clarity:

  • Quality of websites linking back.
  • The Domain Authority.
  • The Page Authority.
  • IP addresses of websites linking back.
  • Age of domains linking.
  • Niche of websites back linking.
  • Anchor Text.
  • Follow and NoFollow tags.
  • Prior records of those links and domains.
  • User behavior towards those websites and links.
  • Any spam reports.
  • Core Web Vital scores of those websites linking.
  • Brand value in the market.

These are the features that have been revealed by Google. There is much beyond in the chest box that none knows about.

How to know if your link building agency is being true to you?

Suggests Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency companies today have become sophisticated. But this should not make you ease down and relax. There still are many fake link building companies in the market that will try to lure you with sugar-coated pills that will try tricking you to buy now the packages they offer. But there are ways to know if your link-building agency is genuine or not. Take care of these few things:

  • Fake companies will try to lure you with words like “We have our people in Google who know how it works” or “We will give you money back guarantee that results will start showing from day one.”
  • They promise you the top spot. Know that the top position keeps on changing, given the competition for the targeted key phrase.
  • They offer you tens and hundreds of quality links within days. Know that all they do is to link you to hundreds of spam websites. There is a joke that runs around in the webmaster’s community, “First I paid them to create links. Now I am paying them to clean them up.” Miseries.
  • Your website is getting penalties from Google. You can check for the penalties through Google Webmaster’s tools.
  • Your website is seeing a consistent drop. Ranking keeps on fluctuating, but a constant drop is a sign that something is going wrong with the health of your website.
  • Sometimes people do negative SEO. This is when people intentionally, commonly competitors, create links between you and spam websites. This does ruin your website’s image. Create a list of all the links you think are spam and feed them into ‘Google Disavow Tool.’
  • They offer you a price which is so cheap to believe in. Though it is a bit controversial. Says Digital White Labels, Link Building Agency can do offer you some low prices, but if they are too cheap, then you must walk with caution. Link-Building takes time and effort and sweat and serenity, and doing this all for a cheap price should call for attention. You might not want to buy now immediately looking at the cheap price. Do your investigation.


The internet has become a part of our world. It would not be wrong to speak of it as a replica of the reality we live in. Thus, to keep it sane and serene, governing agencies keep on bringing guidelines and rules. This is to provide the purpose for which the internet is around us. Link-Building is a crucial part of it and to keep it clean, there are factors that get taken into consideration. Building links is no child’s play. It takes efforts; efforts beyond one’s imagination.

We will soon see more interference of A.I. and deep learning in this play. However, this won’t kick away the fundamentals of link-building. These things would be there to govern and assess foul things with more precision. This means a better user experience is the future. If you think you need your website to stay in the market for a long time, look and buy now some good link-building packages. But be wary of things and choose wisely. Doing link-building by self is in itself a herculean task, and furthermore, for an amateur, it is almost impossible. Serve your attention and creativity where it helps your website and company grow.