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Cable television has been and remains the top choice in subscription television services of many households across America. With thousands of channels available, as well as pay-per-view and new releases, it is most popular with the older generations who prefer a simple, reliable viewing method instead of internet connections and streaming services. Cable tv subscriptions are currently held by almost 60 million customers across America.

While the internet and streaming services are convenient, they are not always reliable. Cable tv has come a long way from being just a subscription service, and now offers tv, internet and phone bundles as part of their service packages. These are most useful if you would like the convenience of paying one subscription cost for all instead of 3 separate payments.

With all the stresses of life and work these days, customers want to know that they can come home and not have to worry about their cable tv signal, and enjoy the reliability that comes with that. When looking at reliability, the following factors come into play:

Disruption to service:
While the internet speed can be slow and lagging, and satellite television may be disrupted because of inclement weather, cable tv services are not affected, as the fiber optic cables through which the signal is sent to your television is inside, and are resistant to weather. The only actual issue that would cause a disruption to your service would be an unexpected power outage or if you forgot to pay your bill.

Ease of installation:
All you need for a cable tv installation is a television set, and a fiber optic cable. Cable tv does not need any extra satellite dishes, aerials, or antennas to provide you with your favorite shows and movies. With less equipment required, there is also less chance of the components breaking down.

Terms of use:
Cable tv contracts can be taken out on a yearly basis and renewed at the end of the contract term should you decide to keep your cable tv connection.

Customer service:
Cable tv companies have a wide range of suppliers and technicians who will come to your home to install your cable tv. After sales support is also fantastic, with 24 hour helplines for troubleshooting any issues you might have with your cable tv setup.

In a recent poll regarding customer satisfaction ratings of their current cable tv companies, 98% of customers stated they did not have any issues with the reliability of their cable tv, and reported no problems with things like viewing quality. Overall, customers were happy to pay the costs associated with their cable tv subscription.

Reliability is a key factor in customer satisfaction, and customers often post their positive and negative comments on various review sites to warn potential customers who are looking for a good cable tv company, or to sing their current cable tv company’s praises. By delivering on their promise of reliability no matter what, cable tv companies can retain their current client base as well as gain more customers.