Horizon Technology Finance and Bridge Bank Provide $80MM to Divergent Technologies


Divergent Systems, a corporation that formulated a digital manufacturing process for industrial-scale production, closed a new $60 million undertaking personal loan facility led by Horizon Technology Finance and a new $20 million revolving line of credit history offered by Bridge Bank, a division of Western Alliance Lender. The new facilities follow Divergent’s $160 million Series C funding earlier this yr.

Horizon Technological innovation Finance, a specialty finance company that presents capital in the sort of secured loans to undertaking funds-backed corporations in the technological know-how, lifestyle science, health care info and expert services and sustainability industries, funded $15 million of the initial attract from the undertaking mortgage facility, and a non-public investment car managed by Horizon Technological know-how Finance Administration, Horizon Technological know-how Finance’s adviser, funded $5 million. The undertaking loan facility delivers up to an added $40 million of funding to Divergent upon assembly sure milestones.

Bridge Bank, whose technological innovation banking group presents financing methods to venture cash-backed technology corporations, recognized a $20 million line of credit history with Divergent, which will use the funds for progress and working cash applications.

Divergent is building a worldwide manufacturing infrastructure platform for the following generation industrial economic system, with a existing concentrate on the automotive sector. Its Divergent Adaptive Production Process (DAPS) simultaneously aids in automating style, 3-D printing and assembling advanced car constructions.

“We are delighted to receive assistance from Horizon and Bridge Bank as we keep on to revolutionize sophisticated industrial production, at first with cars and more than time with aerospace and protection,” Kevin Czinger, direct inventor, founder and CEO of Divergent Systems, reported. “DAPS tends to make it possible for the first time for brands to forego the money-intensive static design procedure they have been accustomed to for over a century and use a variable price versatile style method that is noticeably additional productive. Through this extra efficiency, DAPS radically reduces the impact of manufacturing on the natural environment, thereby creating a meaningful contribution to world-wide sustainability.”

“Divergent is switching the video game for producing cars, with their DAPS close-to-finish platform delivering companies with unmatched price cost savings and flexibility,” Gerald A. Michaud, president of Horizon Engineering Finance, mentioned. “With around 500 patent filings, DAPS is a reducing-edge technique that enables Divergent clients to generate new merchandise models substantially extra quickly and efficiently. We are fired up to guidance Divergent’s growth and growth.”

“Divergent is radically reworking automobile production economics and environmental affect, and it is exciting to see Divergent produce a resolution that addresses method degree problems,” Mike Lederman, senior running director of the technologies banking group at Bridge Lender, stated. “Divergent is rethinking the manufacturing approach for the automobile marketplace and we are pleased to assist support the company’s evolution.”



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