7 Deadly Google Ads Mistakes That’ll Make You Broke (And How To Fix Ads Services)

While unleashing the potential of Google ads services, the loopholes or mistakes are usually overlooked. Well, it is not your fault because the advantages and the potential of Google ad Services overweighs the negatives. An individual or a brand will often look ahead to get some desired results and maximize the returns on the efforts both qualitative and quantitative. 

Google ads service works in a simple manner. If you leverage the power of the same you will ultimately derive more traffic on your site and more traffic means more leads and clearly more leads means a better chance of overall conversions. You really don’t have to worry about anything undesirable if you have optimized your campaigns as per your target audience by keeping the basic business ethics in mind. 

However, sometimes, unknowingly you commit some mistakes that may hamper the overall performance of your campaigns and result in nothing short of disappointments. In such situations you are not only losing up the money but are also wasting the most precious asset of your brand that is time. Apart from this, some mistakes might also lead you to loss of goodwill resulting in degraded brand name and a sudden drop in the average revenues. 

To avoid such situations, you first should determine the mistakes that can literally cost you a fortune both monetary and qualitative and once you know the mistakes you must look forward to the ways to avoid such situations. 

This article particularly focuses upon 7 deadly Google ad mistakes that have the potential to make you broke. So, without taking much of your time, let me just make you aware of those mistakes so that you can avoid them and save yourself as well as your business:

Mistake 1- Not Using The Right Keyword Matches:

You somehow know the importance of keywords in Google ad services but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you commit some mistakes that sets everything down. There are usually three types of keywords that every Google ad service provider uses namely broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Sometimes the advertisers will only go ahead with any one category of keywords and will simply overlook the other two which results in disappointments. Hence, to avoid such undesirable situations, it becomes essential for you to combine all the three categories in your Google ad strategies. 

Mistake 2 – Poorly Written Ads and Lack of Ad Extensions:

Both poorly written ad copies and lack of ad extensions in your ads has the power to negatively affect the results. But there is nothing to worry about because both of these things can be managed and can be taken care of. You need to select the ad extensions wisely that aligns well with your primary objective of running Google ads campaigns. Plus there is a limit on the characters of the ad copy that appears on the ad so you need to brainstorm and try to say the important elements of your ad in the first few characters only. 

Mistake 3 – Not Understanding Profit Margins and Conversions:

This is one of the most commonly committed mistakes by the individuals who try to do everything on their own. In order to be successful and achieve the desired results, it becomes extremely important for you to track and measure your returns, average cost of acquisition, conversion, etc. because if you will not track all of this information then you are not utilizing Google ads service to its fullest potential. 

Mistake 4 – Not Taking Negative Keywords Into Consideration:

This is the most common mistake of all as far as Google ad services is considered. Individuals tend to simply ignore the need and importance of negative keywords. While it is actually something that cannot be missed. If you commit the mistake of ignoring the power of negative keywords, you will end up wasting your entire budget and this is something you would obviously not want. 

Mistake 5 – Not Bidding on Your Own Keywords:

You must bid on the keywords that are based on your own brand. This way you will be targeting the most relevant keywords but are also indirectly working towards the branding of your own business. Sadly, most of the people do not leverage the power of such techniques. Here are a few points that establish the importance of bidding on your brand’s search terms. 

  • Two links are always better than one
  • Because branding matters
  • Dominating the competition
  • Strategic promotion
  • Brand searches indicate intent
  • Brand keywords are quite affordable. 

Mistake 6 – Being Unaware of The Customer Lifetime Value of Your Customers:

Attracting and compelling an individual to take your desired action is not the sole motive of Google advertisements. But to build long-term relationships with those individuals is also important. For that, you need to identify the customer lifetime value and try to work in favour of increasing the loyalty of a high CLV customer towards your business. You need to calculate the CLV and work in favour of it for the long run. Focus on maximizing the buying lifecycle of an individual from your brand. 

Mistake 7 – Not Testing The Optimal Ad Positions:

The easiest way to identify the ad position is by multiplying CPC bid with the quality score of your Google ad campaign. While the first position will get you the brand awareness and recognition, conversions better happen for the ad that stays at number 3 or number 5. Also, getting the number one involves unnecessary expense over high paying CPC. So, think wisely and then only plan your CPC bid. This will save you a lot of money. 

Final Words 

All the mistakes mentioned in this article can be managed and avoided in the first place if you pay a little more attention towards optimizing your campaigns for utmost effectiveness and efficiency. If you can avoid all these mistakes while setting up, monitoring, and reporting your Google ad campaigns, there is nothing that can come in your way of achieving the attractive desired results.