Get Moving! 5 Ways to Improve Your Health With Exercise - Thermography,  Health, and Wellness with Victoria Bailey CCT, CNHP, LDHS

These days it seems that everyone is looking for ways to improve their overall well being. From exercising, to eating better, to herbal supplements, to spiritual disciplines, people are turning to a holistic approach in an effort to feel good and live longer. Fortunately, with this increase in wellness comes an abundance of foods and products designed to help you maintain an excellent quality of living. Consider the following easy eating suggestions for getting the maximum reward out of the foods you eat. By following these easy suggestions you can improve your well being and minimise any dietary related issues that many are prone to. Keep these pointers in mind while sending gifts online in India to your family and friends and keep them healthy too.

1. Exercise remains the easiest way to start pursuing a healthy lifestyle and can be as simple as walking around the block or as complicated as running a marathon. There is no special equipment needed to start walking and even a person who has poor health can benefit from moving around a little and taking that first short walk. From there, it is just a matter of building on what has been started and keeping records so you can push just a bit more to walk a little farther. The charted progress being made is a wonderful incentive to make regular exercise a routine part of everyday life. Strive for a balanced diet. Restricting any food group, though often recommended by fad diets is usually not the right approach for most people. Every food group, in moderation, is recommended for most people who are not hindered by any allergies or existing medical conditions.

2. Eating a diet filled with fruit and vegetables is a sure way to improve health and well being. It has been said that staying away from processed food benefits a person in every way and it only takes a few days before the energy levels start to rise and the extra weight starts to drop off. A great advantage to eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat and snack foods is that it produces a “fuller” feeling and it can help eliminate that need to snack between meals. Add at least a half a cup of fruit to your morning cereal. This small step can give you great morning energy and if you are not a huge fan of fruit can be a great way to disguise the taste. When eating meat choose choice cuts which are free of antibiotics and steroids. Again, all natural is most often the best choice.

3. Maintaining a healthy weight is a wonderful thing to do for oneself. It is easier to listen to your body when there are no excess weight masking symptoms that could otherwise go unnoticed until it is too late to recover. A fit person at the proper weight also derives a sense of control and an optimistic mental outlook. Choose whole wheat bread or multigrain or even brown instead of white bread. This is a simple choice and one that does not drastically change your eating habits.

Limit your processed food intake entirely. All natural is by far the way to eat when you are looking to increase your energy and drop a few pounds.

4. Including healthy oils and eliminating heavy saturated fats from your diet is a very beneficial move to make. Foods such as avocados, nuts, fish (especially salmon), and low fat milk and yogurt are all smart choices. Including fiber in the diet from natural foods such as oatmeal, beans, apples and cauliflower is an easy thing to do. Choosing whole grain bread and brown rice are also easy and delicious options when changing a diet from junky to healthy. Get plenty of omega three nutrients. These nutrients can be found in fresh fish, fish oil, or consider adding a spoon of flaxseed to oatmeal, muffins, or a fruit smoothie. Eat foods rich in antioxidants. For a fun treat try some pomegranate juice mixed with some carbonated water.

5. Limit your processed sugar intake. Try to eat natural sugars whenever possible. Eliminating any sugar based soft drink from your diet is an especially important decision to make. It has been proven that soft drinks contribute to weight gain but there are also studies that have been conducted that seem to indicate that the empty calories that exist even in diet colas have an adverse effect because they can “trick” the body into thinking it is time to eat. Choosing a glass of water is always the best option but iced tea, many natural fruit drinks and even a cup of coffee are better choices than a soft drink. This age old truth is still applicable today. The effect of water on the body is one of the most positive out there and staying hydrated keeps your energy level where it needs to be.

There are so many more simple ideas out there when it comes to easy ways to add to your well being through your dietary choices.