Third generation technology, better known as 3G technology has hit the United States and is here to stay. What 3G doesn’t do is have an obvious impact on the look, fell or design of a cellular phone. However, what 3G does dose is promise faster communication services which include fax, voice, and even internet services. This can be offered 3G uses seamless global roaming. New multimedia entertainment and applications are able to be used to their maximum capability because of the 3G network. The first 3G network was actually released in Japan, and is now offered in the United States by companies like Cingular.

Along the same lines of 3G technology, Verizon has decided along with Sprint/Nextel to offer their own version of 3G services but is called Ed-Vo. Other companies such as T-Mobile don’t plan to roll out this technology with their services until 2007. So what is 3G technology exactly? This technology will bring wireless data services to your phone like you’ve never seen them before. This technology boasts speeds about three times faster than a 56 Kbps connection to 2.4Mbps connection speed, equivalent to using a cable modem. 3G networks allow users to easily and quickly read through web pages, watch streaming music videos, and use video conferencing to its fullest.

The experience you will have while using 3G technology with a cellular phone will be one close to using your home computer with a broadband connection. It seems that hand held computers are definitely the way of the future. With each company committing to spending billions of dollars to upgrade to a 3G network, this technology is surely worth the price we will all undoubtedly pay. But with a loss each company will take to upgrade, comes a need to gain customers, so look for new and improved handsets to launch when your favorite company upgrades to using this system.