2022 Web Design Trends

Donna B. Jones
Web Design Trends 2022: Weaponizing Chaos to Deliver Unforgettable UX

Designers have begun creating websites as art, websites as interactive projects, and websites that merely exist for delight and play. This harkens back to the starting of the web when the professionals of a top-rated web design agency in Reno found methods to show off new techniques or creates websites for their own sake.

The following are some of the trends in web design we anticipate making an impact in 2022:

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Web-based scavenger hunts

The structures of websites actually lend themselves to puzzles and scavenger hunts incredibly well. You can daisy-chain pages and password-protect certain components, making visitors provider answers or stumble on hints to unlock the next page in the series.

There are all kinds of innovative techniques to conceal and disclose prompts, hints, and answers. This is a case where you can make use of the web design expertise to create a puzzle that fascinates. Some ideas for hints:

  • Provide a word based on a riddle or hint
  • Find a word hidden in the main website or the scavenger hunt website
  • Find a hidden clickable element on the page
  • Draw a shape
  • Decode a cipher

Simply keep in mind to provide the audience with some kind of clues or workarounds if you truly would like every person to be capable of making it to the end. A scavenger hunt can be utilized to reveal a product launch, release a new video, or give the viewer a hidden piece of information.

Single-page websites

At times, according to the experts for web design services in Reno, the most effective website is the least complex one. We have seen the increasing popularity of the single-page website that forgoes menus and navigation in favor of simple scroll navigation. Singe-page websites work wonders when their subject matter is narrower, such as a portfolio or the presentation of a single idea.

Such websites bring to mind the feeling of holding a flyer or reading a poster. The entire information you need to assess is in one place without the distraction of navigation or searching multiple pages.

Websites with a strong sense of place

Possibly we are all simply compensating for missing travel, but a few websites seem to be gaining more sense of place. We are seeing photos of locales featured on homepages and about sections calling attention to cities, towns, and natural places around where the creators live.

The internet can be a detached place where you often have no connection to where the websites you are browsing coming from. Adding a note such as “made with love in …” or featuring an image of your favorite nearby spot prompts visitors to picture where you are and creates a small real-world connection for them. If we have been traveling less, at least we can remember we are making connections all across the globe online.

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