Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use this Robux Generator?

I know you are very serious about your Roblox game account and want to be safe. Let us tell you that this Roblox Robux Generator is absolutely safe and undetectable, means the resources which will be generated are undetectable and could not be caught. We are providing a safe platform to all Roblox players, you can use it without hesitation.

How to pass the human verification process?

The human verification form present here is to prove your humanity only. You just have to fill the details you are asked at the time of verification. Simple steps are there and you will find it very easy. The questions asked verification are very sensitive and needs accurate answers so keep yourself to the accurate side and try to answer right.

Why this human verification is here?? It consumes time..

The website is visited by thousands of users daily and many of them are bots which are on automatic mode and they use to generate unlimited resources so we just placed a verification form which could be completed manually only and bots could not access the tool.

How many times we can generate Roblox resources?

This is a very good question asked by one of our user. Let us tell you that we have made a fixed limit for every account per day and no one can generate more than that. We’ve done this for providing opportunity to maximum users to get Roblox robux and tix. In this way we are just trying to distribute these resources equally.